on my way to work on late christmas cards and gifts. i bought a moleskin yesterday and a five-year memory book. SO COOL. it allows you to compare each day of the year for five years. i'm so excited. hopefully i'll follow through.

and i'm really excited with my moleskin. i'm really into making lists, and so now i can keep all my lists with me allllll the time.

promise's wedding album is beautiful genius. ahh, i can't wait.
i decided that i want to live on the east coast after i get married, for a bit.

i'm learning about humility and i decided that i will be fearless this year.

i'm sitting at home.
working at my desk.
on: christmas lights & rebekah's desk lamp that i stole.
window open to the dark neighborhood.
only thing outside:
one house light
street light
strip of blue-ish christmas lights
bush with dots of light
i feel like i own the night