i think i could find someone today and be with them for the rest of my life. i could do it. i don't know if they would, but i think i would be able to do that. friends and i were talking about how they think it's amazing how long some married couples have been together. for me, that is not necessarily a problem. i think i would be loyal and faithful. i would. i have this thing where i need to have confidence that my friends will be my friends later. that they aren't just around for right now, they will be there for me later. forever, basically. i think that's the kind of reliance that has grown out of my relationship with god. i just have that. right now, the thing is: how do i know if i find the right person. one person for the rest of my life. he has to be him. and there are so many people out there. and so many who seem attractive, and i just don't know. i think now, i don't need to worry about it though. i will go wherever god leads me. now is the time to develop my relationship with him. i desire to be in mad love-with god.
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