"I promise I will love you. I'll forget myself. I'll love you with the weight of a winter. I'll become your bones, your skin and your beating heart. I'll love you until I am invisible, I'll drive you to rebel out of a complacency that was born out of a satisfaction that has left you with no vigorous emotion, nothing to smile over, and nothing to fight over. You'll rebel because you'll become accustomed to a rote existence, and what can I do? I don't quite understand. I can't do anything, isn't this what we all want? Maybe I'm just the wrong man to love you. Maybe you just woke up from a bed I put you to sleep in long ago. Back then, the our house was on fire with our own fury and lust, and we decided to call it love. At some point, I think it was during our years of prosperity, free time and promotions, parties and empty walls...I think you fell asleep and decided to dream I'm so sorry to have awoken you. From the bottom of my heart. Although, I gave my heart to you long ago, one night when you were drunk and reminding me how silly I was to think something like this, between two people like you and me, could ever be sacred. Can you blame us? There is nothing sacred."