so, you know you're not okay when the latest lifehouse album can basically sum up your life, especially for the past year. almost scary.

i realize how broken i am. i realize how much i have to cover up and ignore to get through the day smiling. i realize how much i hurt. i feel it! but i realize that everyone else carries just as much, if not more, pain than i do and i understand. i understand and i'll feel for you.

i have never appreciated honesty more than i do now. it doesn't matter if it will hurt my feelings or if it's not nice. honesty is always best. :)

but the best thing about being let down hard is how much i learn. i have found love, friendship, honesty, trust in the most surprising places in the past 3 weeks. i absolutely love surprises! haha. i am stronger and wiser. i know who i can count on. i know who really loves me and who just says they love me. i know who my SOLIDs are.

and through it all: jesus. so much loveeeeee.
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