i don't travel a lot. basically, i haven't really gone a lot of places in my life. but music is ridiculous. just listening to it. daft punk takes me to becca's room and enjoying ourselves too much. miracle fortress reminds me of family christmas parties. mat kearney and stars reminds me of nights that were way too long. and they don't just remind me of those times, they bring back all of those emotions. the music plays and it's this massive flood that rushes back into your heart. stuff i want, stuff i don't want, but it's, oh yeah. i forgot that that was there, underneath it all.

i'm ready to change. instead of sitting around and wishing i was corbin cavallero, i'll do something about it. i need to get a white board to keep track of my life, and i'm sorry i'm not more organized. this summer i will wake up early in the morning to a cup of tea and my good buddy jesus, i'll go running and i'll promise that i'll really remember your birthday, i'll keep my room clean and read literature before i go to bed. i'm going to brave and i won't be afraid to just love someone. it's not appreciated enough, and when things like that happen, you can't just let them pass you by. how often do you find the right person?

i just got the new coldplay album and i'm excited to make new memories. so when i listen to viva la vida in five years i'll remember the confidence and happiness that i blazed into u of o with and all the love that surrounded my head and all the change that i started. i'll remember the summer of 08 and all the lovely faces that filled it and made me smile more than i could by myself.

it's a time for change and i can almost rule the world. yeee!
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