I just finished season 2 of the office.
My mom sat down to watch it with me, and I was like, I went them to kiss. AND THEY DID AND I WAS LIKE AHHHHHHHHH BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE SEASON THREE RIGHT NOW.
Yeah. because that's the biggest thing that's going on in my life right now. Jim's love life. F'sho!
Oh, and my grandpa passed away this morning.

It's like.
When you just know.
There are those times in life.
There are those times in life, when you think that cleaning your room and the status of your internet connection are related, but they're not. sometimes.
And all of those times when you think of great scenarios for Real Life. You think of perfect situations to make your every wish come true, you have it all thought out, and you know that god isn't going to go for that, only because he has something better. but you still hope.
But then, there are those times when you know that the one person you don't want to see, is running after you to open the door, only too late.
when you should've gotten out of bed, only too late, and you know the words that are about to come out of that mouth.
when your thinking and god's plan comes together. and you are left to ask yourself, why? why that time, and not this time? why now and not then?

there is a time for everything.
be careful what you ask for.
look at ryan. and now he has kelly.
it was the same way (not really at all) with me and dance(s).
because it might come true.
there's a song that goes like that and i can't think of it right now.
OMG, PUSSYCAT DOLLS. music video where they sound like dead cats and are wearing like nothing. that is christina's and my's song. i don't know how to say that.


one last thought:
i love retiredcharles and dead pans!

it's also like when you know that it's time.
things have been said, actions have been done and people have changed. for the better. everyone is wiser now and you have nothing left to offer each other except for pain, agony and some more NOT BLOOD. more like wounds. and that is that. and when it's time. to stop leaving unanswered voicemails. you can see it in their eyes. what is left? what do i have left with no leg? what is left? what is left if i have no love? you just know. you can feel it. it is time. time to move on and change. and it's not bad. not sad. necessarily. just different. slightly pain inflicting. um, if i love retiredcharles and plus one still, does that make me a creep?
answer: kind of.
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