Birthday cow

I just got back from a birthday party get-together with some old chaps of mine! And boy, are they ever lovely! One of them walked into the restaurant and he was soooooooo tall. like, he grew so much since i'd seen him last!! hAHA. he's like 6'1". I am like, 4'10". maybe. Rumor is that he goes through 4 gallons of milk a week! The key: the answer: to tall. And it was great! I was taller than this guy's brother, Robert, who at my graduation party WAS THE SAME HEIGHT AS ME. Do you know what that means??? It means that I am growing! Because there is no way in the world that an 11-year old boy would be shrinking. do you catch my drift? God gave me the gift of height! I simply haven't opened it, and by opening it, i mean: drinking milk. a LOT of milk. So, for the rest of my life I will devote myself to drinking milk all the time, everywhere, to grow tall, have strong bones and avoid getting osteoporosis that asian women are so often cursed with. and other things!
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