I think everyone desires to be seen as they truly are. To have enough courage to show the world who they really are. And to not have to hold anything back because of the reactions that are going to come. People hide things because they know that if they do this, someone will do this. I asked someone another one of my questions Batman provoked (& by the way, i am finally seeing it in imax tomorrow!!! w/ my lovely cousin Lisa who just got back from Japan after a whole year!!): Is it wrong to do something when you already know the given outcome? I know that is worded poorly, but my thoughts aren't complete. My thoughts were regarding Batman in Batman Begins where he is in the train w/ Rahs al ghul (or whoever) and he is like, "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you." And in effect, isn't he killing him? But the answer was: it wasn't his responsibility. In senior inquiry, when we talked about existentialism, Wellsy made a big point of how us teenagers make it our responsibility to make people like us. How we go out of our way to fix the problem when someone doesn't like us, and how we should be concerned with what we do and if we like it ourselves. Not if our actions make other people happy, but if they make us happy.

I was in the car after church singing "It'5!" with Samantha and I thought to myself. 1) I love Joshua Kondo! and 2) This song is about how sometimes people just don't work well together. (In more ways than one). I just thought it is so funny. Life is so funny and I love it!

The sewing machine didn't work again. And I have been so excited to sew my dress! I talked to my youth pastor, for once, and I met more people at church. Flugtag was fun. My cousin moved into her new house! I have work at 6 tomorrow and I have to wake up at 5! My bike headlight doesn't work and I am going to have some good fun this week.

Basically, people take too much responsibility? I am timid to use periods because my thoughts are never complete, and most of the time they're someone elses. But, oh! Last night, I finally sat down and read something in my Bible because I am beginning to realize that I need to take more action to compliment my goals and to actually get something done in life.

Oh, and I had another good conversation! And, after not a lot of thought but - I just know it's right - agghhh. I am committing myself to not kissing anyone - ANYONE - namely him, until my wedding day. Maybe I'll elaborate later. Or maybe you can just come to my wedding.
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