i hung out at hagg lake today with my church. with my family and friends! and it was sooo great! i was going to invite some people, but that really didn't work out and i set out this morning knowing that i would be bored and i even brought running shoes to go running around the lake.


it was a grand old time. i told mike a few weeks ago that i didn't like my church but i loved the people, and he said that i totally contradicted myself because a church is the people. and he is right. at the time i was frustrated with my stagnant walk with Christ and the teaching that i wasn't getting out of the sermons. but uhhh, i loveeee my church. i love being out on the water and on the edge of the boat and just going so fast, with the fear of falling off and dying from being trampled by the boat and torn up by the propeller, alongside the amusement of the wind blowing in my hair and feeling like i'm falling, almost. i learned how to wakeboard! and i also got to sing john mayer and coldplay (&other things) in front of my church for a full 10 minutes and it's one of the best things i have ever done. f'shooooo!

"if that isn't nice, than what is?"

i went to becca's beach house and i remembered how much i love the fray! woww.

you know: there is so much i'd like to say, but i know that i'd come off as a selfcentered bbbbbrat and people would judge me. and i'm afraid of that, so i won't. :)