give me some of that

I read Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" last week. I liked it a lot! Entertaining and honest, I think he lacks some understanding. But, I like him more than I don't like him. I respect him, straight up! It was an interesting read, he makes all sorts of connections in society and it's fun. In his last chapter, he talked about the Left Behind movie series. The Christian series about the rapture, starring the cute Kirk Cameron, acting in a bad movie. It was nice to hear a non-Christians views on the whole thing, including Christianity. He mentioned that he would like to be a Christian, because it adds such importance to your life. "Life would be unspeakably important, and every conversation you'd have for the rest of your life (or until the Rapture) -whichever comes first, would be really, really, really matter." It totally reminded me of what I am supposed to be doing here. What am I doing here? I am waiting. "The stakes are too high to concern oneself with matters." But how does one go about do that, and still be socially acceptable? And can you be socially acceptable? Telling a society about Christ, a society who does not embrace God on the whole. And should it be socially acceptable? It shouldn't matter if it's socially acceptable. What are the boundaries? Where are they? How do you convey this and not come across as a cocky, arrogant Christian who knows the answers to life and everything else because I read my Bible. How has that affected my past relationships? Oh, what? Thank you, Chuck Chuck.