Because they would have never lasted. And that's the hardest thing. Where even if he had stayed, it wouldn't have made it better. Because they would have never lasted. They would have never lasted. It's the hardest thing. Where you have this picture in your mind, and it's ruined. But if he had stayed, he wouldn't have wanted to stay, and that would've been lame and stupid. There was nothing he could have done, except for loved her and that's something you can't force. It's probably the horrifying thought that there isn't someone out there for her that is killing her. Don't we all know what that's like. Sometimes it just sucks because you can't wish things to happen. No matter how hard you can. You can't wish things to happen. Because then they're not real.

Which is why I've begun to appreciate spontaneity. EVEN MORE. God has been teaching me for the past 3 years that I can't plan things out, which is hard for me because I plan everything out. I plan out my week every Sunday night and every day I make a schedule of what I'm going to do. So, of course I overthink things in my head all of the time. But, things never happen like I play them out in my head. Never. Except for that one time last year. But, really? No. And so I'm teaching myself not to plan things out in my head, because so much more happens when you don't!  Planning things out is like limiting yourself. Who knows what God has in store for you! And, in the past two weeks I have seen so many beautiful, random things that I would have never imagined and I appreciate them so much! God has so many suprises up his sleeve and I don't want to miss out on them.

So, everything happens for a reason. I can see why God does stuff. I can understand some of the reason. Not everything, of course. Who knows what will happen. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. Everyone will be happy. Everyone has their passions and their loves and their flaws. Happy love. Happy, genuine love. Oh, baby. What defines love.
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