I guess it was a lot nicer than I realized. I got the job because Jameson is basically a manager there and recommended me and because I was super outgoing during my interview. It was the only job I could get, and so I took it. The summer was characterized with shifts that started at 5 and ended around 10. I liked it because it gave me an excuse to go home if I didn't feel social and I had the rest of the sunlight to play. A lot of hispanic people work there and they happen to speak Spanish a lot. When I first started working there the guys, who are like I don't even know how old, would say stuff in Spanish around me and it made me uncomfortable, still makes me uncomfortable. Especially when the other girls wouldn't tell me what they were saying, that was fun. One time this guy was asking this lady how old I was, but I am lucky enough to know what the word for eighteen is in Spanish. I don't really know, but I knew what it was then. I trusted these guys enough to get into a routine of saying hello and stuff in Spanish. Feliz Navidad. GREAT.
I had the worst pants in the world. They were so high and they looked so bad. What the heck, and this break I didn't want to ask for new ones because I wasn't going to work there for very long. And they didn't give me a visor at first, they gave me a hat, and I ended up losing my visor, I think at Council Crest, but I hated the hat. One time I left my hat in Heather's driveway during the pouring rain and I had to wear a paper one. So demeaning. But she was nice enough to bring it in, dry!
I thought working at McDonalds was so bad. I hated it. I was so glad when it started snowing so much because it meant that I wouldn't have to go to work. I loved it. And then one night I had this really horrible dream where working at McDonalds was so bad. It was so horrible. And it made me appreciate McDonalds for what it was. The managers are pretty much all nice to me, except for when Tom treats me like I'm stupid, like actually stupid. But, I realized that if you talk to people, it makes the day go by a lot easier. Friends are nice. That's it, straight up.
So, I got over myself and my pride. None of my friends from high school like McDonalds at all, so it was like embarassing to have to work at McDonalds, but screw that. A job is a job. Jameson is lucky he's a manager. But they gave me a ton of hours over break and I didn't have to reapply or anything, and that's probably how it'll be for the rest of my life, but I want to get an internship this summer. I really had to get over myself to work there. And, I don't think I did completely, but it helped me start.
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