Remember, my life is but a breath.

When I actually think about my life in these terms, I realize what actually matters. It's so easy to be swayed by popular opinion. I get in this pit where I think my life is boring because I'm overly cautious about everything I do. But, I find happiness in it. When I think about how short my life is, how my life is nothing, everything is so much easier. Waiting 2 years can seem like an eternity, but I'm on it. It puts everything in perspective. I am here to love and to learn some. The past two weeks have gone by so fast, but not at the same time. And isn't that how it always is. Life goes, and then when you look back it seems so fast. Last year doesn't seem so far away. Junior year doesn't seem so far away. Thinking about how short my life is and what my purpose is puts everything in perspective so well.

The choices of the people I love will not hurt me.
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