so, i'm pretty pleased with my room right now.

vanessa added cute christmas lights by our bed, and i "installed" some cotton clouds last week. ok, i love them so muchhhhhh. it makes me think i'm sleeping in heaven or something, even if it doesn't feel like it.

i made this thing that was on elsiecake's blog awhile ago. bought the wood and clips from the duckstore when everything was 25% off. YES. so it was like 3 books. mixed the blue and red myself to make that pretty purple, oh yes.

christmas lights and a clean desk. christmas lights inspired by josh & tommy.

vanessa's flowers. SO CREATIVE HUH

i'm actually very proud of this. bought a piece of wood from home depot for like 50 cents, covered it with pieces from my men's dressing magazine with tacky glue, and the hanging string is a bunch of those cheap sewing kit threads (like 50 of them). luke nailed the nails in for me. aww. and then it all works out. the thread hanger thing is really nice because my small post earrings are able to sit on them. poke them through the string and it works like magic.

and this is my dresser, with my crooked lamp, marc johns picture and prayer box from the best secret santa in the world. i just cleaned out that sparkling cider bottle in the back today, took off the labels and everything in hopes that i could store some change in it and dimes and pennies don't even fit in it! the hole is just big enough so that they won't fit, perfect. so i have no idea what i'm going to do with it now, but it's still nice.