sunriver, seattle & the beach

i have been in the car these past few weeks more than i have in a loooong time. but it has been so fun!! good good talks happen in long car rides. :) so nice. i went up to seattle with luke and took a few pictures, but i can't find my camera cord right now... so later!

but i LOVE seattle! i LOVE the ave. there are a million more bubble tea, frozen yogurt and thrift shop stores than in eugene. I LOVEEE IT. i want to live in seattle.

how has your spring break been?

i am currently loving indie business and excited about making goals and doing it! ahh, YEAA!

i stopped at world market and these tea things totally caught my eye. wellness teas from republic of tea. i wanted every single one of them! but at $10.50 a pop, i decided to wait until i start making some money....but, just look at how cute & fun they are! you can get them: here.

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