Mayer Hawthorne

mayer hawthorne is amazing. it's like vintage soul 60s? i don't know, but it's absolutely wonderful. i had heard good things about mayer hawthorne before the show, but the one song i heard wasn't "AMAZING" or anything. but, mayer hawthorne probably stole my heart right as they all walked on stage. they were dressed in gray vests with red ties, so classic. how could you resist?

their set was so fun, and by far one of the best opening bands i have seen ever. they're just so fun to listen and dance to. i LOVEEDDDD it. technically, when it's mayer hawthorne and a band, they're called "mayer hawthorne and the county". they are all irresistible. while they might not stand out as much on their album, they are an AMAZINGLY FUN live show, and i would highly recommend everyone to go see them. make sure you dress up! in a dress with a really fun skirt to twirl, and ties for guys. for SURE. hahaha.

rachel!music2 Comments