Bailey B. Designs

Mmm, I hope you are all having a great start to summer. The sun FINALLY came out yesterday. It's so pretty and warm, I forgot how much I missed it. But alas, my allergies also came with it. I've found that eating local honey helps a lot, as you are putting those allergens in your body and its starting to help. The perfect medicine.

Yesterday, I hit up a bunch of grad parties, and that got me thinking about my friend, Bailey, and her card line, which is amaazing. I live with her and she designs these amazing cards. She hand draws them herself, and in each designs are pictures, known as "design finds", of other fun things. She has done an amazing job of getting them places, as they're in stores around the Eugene area, and she has her own etsy shop and website. All of her designs are just so fun and cute! I love themmm and I hope you do, too!

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