jessie's magical home

Yesterday, a bunch of us Onyx Girls went out to Jessie's house. It was AMAZING. It's in this little town with beautiful houses and gorgeous scenery. On the drive there, I was fascinated by how the forest looked like a blanket of trees. It was a good reminder of how beautiful Oregon is and of God's glory.

Her house is right on a creek, beautiful. I went in with some girls and it was freezing, SO COLD. Her house was decorated with vintage everything, and it was huge. Their cupboards were full of beautiful vintage tea cups and saucers. (By the way, English-style tea is amazing!) There was a treehouse in their yard and it was the perfect studio. I would live up there if I could. And they had a chicken coop! It was so great! The chickens were around three months away from laying eggs, it was just so great! And then we had a bonfire in the front. The best thing was how much love was in their house and among their family. You could feel it by simply stepping into the house. Ahh, love.



This was a simple reminder to appreciate nature. I want to indulge in nature this summer! Ah, I can't wait.

Also, I found Kim Smith's blog this past weekend, which is full of inspiration. I love how she is constantly working on something and making something. Expanding herself. I want to be like this. So, one small step I'm going to take is by sketching something everyday. Not that big of a deal, but it's enough to get some balls rolling and to be thinking and expanding my horizons. Here's one that I day the other day, inspired by Jessie's treehouse. And then there are some other beautiful treehouses beneath it...also, I can't not say this, but I watched 13 going on 30 the other day, and I still love it. Mmm, I love Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo. And best friends.