recycled fashion at its best

This truly is. When I got home from Europe, I was greeted by this lovely display in the Portland Airport, courtesy of Junk to Funk. Junk to Funk was born out of Portland, Oregon and is a "collective that inspires individual towards responsible consumerism, creative re-use and conscientious disposal by providing unique fashion based entertainment and educational opportunities." It was just a small display with a few dresses, but they were gorgeous, detailed & creative.

ReBrewed by Adrienne Duckrow: This was made out of coffee filters from a local coffee shop. This was my favorite. I love this shade.

Anna Logue by Kristin Olson-Huddle: Records, duffle bag, bed skirt, cassette tape—all found at garage sales, "free piles" and a thrift store

Chastity Blinds by Jen LaMastra: This dress is made of mini blinds found at a construction re-use shop.

Alatto Gelatto by Emily Hyde: Gelato serving cups and spoons collected from the trash cans at a local gelato shop

My Kitty's Business Suit by Cheryl Lohrman: Recycled plastic kitty litter bags

How about for some creative recycledness?