so many flowersss

I've been working on Cucuco stuff a lot since getting home. I'm working on flower products right now. It's fun! I get to grow my own fabric garden and watch Lost, hahaha. Here's a little photoshoot I had with some extra flowers. As you can see, I made some pink flowers. My goal is to get some new products in the etsy shop by this weekend, pink & some new. Also, did I say that I'm in Meet Your Maker at the end of this month? That's driving a lot of my work right now. I have lots of things in store!

Also, I hope you enjoy the new layout! I was wearing a scarf in the last layout. It's summer. Even though, I could still be wearing that scarf (yes, I was cold in Oregon today), I decided that I should move on a little bit. I will always enjoy summer! Here's to brighter colors!

Also, I have a new weekly feature that I'll be starting tomorrow! I'm excited.