meet your maker!

The craft fair was good! It was a good experience. I was scared at first.. but it was G R E A T !! I didn't make that many sales, but I had fun getting really and I loved setting up my table. My mom was going around the house looking for cute baskets and stuff - I loved them, and it all turned out perfectly. I was soo busy the last day before hand, I had class and homework and products to finish and business cards to make, but it all worked out! Everything was fine, and FUN. I met some other local makers around the area and saw so much inspiration. It was great. And the best part was just hanging out with my friends who came. I loveee friends & friendship - greatest ship around.

Up there are pictures of my tables and close-ups of products, etc., etc. The last picture is Luke's last roommate, Taylor. He was the face of the table when I walked around, and let me tell you, he is a charmer. I mean, doesn't he look so good with the hair thing?

Haha, sorry for being so sporatic & behind. I hope you all had a great weekend!! <3