the most beautiful coupleeee

I mean, I don't know. There are a lot of BEAUTIFUL couples in the world, but these two are definitely top notch. I mean, just look at them. Ohmygoshhhh.

Becky Filip & her bf, Jacob, make up the band, the Honey Trees. Their music on iTunes is lovely & beautiful. Their summary about them on their myspace is so cute: "The Honey Trees are an indie dream pop band that try to create magic in music form."

I've been listening to Becky's stuff for awhile, and it's still ever lovely. She even has an etsy shop with all of her drawings. Quite the talented lady, she is. Most of the lovely pictures up above are taken by her brother, Simon Filip. Talent runs in their blood, I guess.

I just love them for their dreamy, indie-pop-ness. Everything is so magical and romantic. It's the perfect music for relaxing crafting, and their pictures hold sooo much inspiration.

Aren't they just so adorable & dreamy that you just want to melt?? omgggg

I hope your weekend is just as adorable & dreamy as their pictures/music are. <3<3
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