shop update: love notes

I updated the etsy shop with loads of love notes! I kept working on them, and made five different colors, which I LOVE. They are super small and super cute, I think, haaha. I honestly really LOVE these love notes, and I'm super proud to be offering them in my shop. It's great to sell something you LOVE, which is how I feel about these. They come in packs of 12, full of loveeeeeeeee.

Aside from the shop in the real world, I made a few of these pins for my mom and her friends. I haven't ever made pins with three flowers of different colors, so I was glad they turned out well. One of the pins ended up looking like a circle or like a brooch and my mom loved it. And this is probably my favoritest thing about making things: giving them to other people. Actually, it is for sure my favoritest thing. Let's spread some love!

rachel!cucuco6 Comments