the suburbs

It's hereeeeee.

Arcade Fire's The Suburbs is out and it's amazing. I didn't fall in love with it immediately, but it's all I've been listening to for the past day, so I think I really like it. I stayed up until 4am last night writing a paper, but it was okay, because I listed to The Suburbs the whole time.

Also, ok, this is a major side note, but I was writing about this photograph by Steve Schapiro. Three Men, NYC taken in 1961. I argued that it showed the development of the middle-class modern man and outlined the three defining issues of the time: business, family and sex. And who do you think the man in the middle looks like? I think he has an uncanny resemblance to Don Draper of Mad Men, who is the epitome of the 1960s man. Ad man, family father and filled with sex appeal. Interesting? YESSS.

ANYWAYS, The Suburbs is amazing and beautiful. I am currently obsessed with Rococo. I could listen to it forever. Rocococococo. I watched their live stream of their performance at Madison Square Garden and that was soo good. The quality of the stream, visually and audibly, was really good. So worth it to watch.

They recorded some of their stuff from backstage and there's this one skit of them as robots which is sooo funny. Haha, I have never seen anything like it and it just makes me love them even more. This is the movie, and it starts around 7:30. Be sure to notice Regine's flashy, sparkly dress. It's adorable, I want one!

I love their idealization of the suburbs. This is something I can fully embrace without shame, it's funny too, because I've been realizing how I'm starting to really appreciate the suburbs. The abundance of free parking, you never have to pay for parking, the closeness of everything, and how everything isn't ridiculously overpriced? I'm becoming a middle-aged mother. And I'm only 20 in a half.

oh, and P.S. If your name is Abby, let me know where your blog is/e-mail, so we can be friends! :)
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