couch time lapse

Sooo, like a month ago I told you I was working on a small photoshoot for the wedding, the wedding where I made the LOVE pillowcases. Well, those frames above are what I made for the backdrop, even though they ended up being nowhere big enough to be seen. But the COOOL part about the photoshoot was the that my friend, Jim Rodberg, decided to do a photo time lapse of the couch, where the camera took a picture every SECOND of the reception. CRAZYYY. So, he ended up with a million pictures and made an awesome video of it, that I posted below, and he got the best stills and posted them, and my favorites are below. You can see all of my lovely friends & the gorgeous couple. And I just loved the idea of it, so fun, isn't it?

Photo Couch Timelapse - Chappell Wedding from James Rodberg - BIP Studio on Vimeo.

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