sew po!!

Ohh, when I was with Joy, we visited this adorable fabric shop, called Sew Po! We wandered into this cute little shop and I was admiring the fabrics when I started talking the owner, Kate. She was sewing something and I was asking if the store let her sew all the time, and then if she sewed for the store or for herself...when she told me that she owned the store. Which was like MINDBLOWING, and I was so suprised and then I was so happy, because the store is SOO CUTE, I mean, look at the fabric rack, and then I realized how wonderful it would be for me to own a store, and I was inspired. I ended up buying a cute little bit of fabric and leaving with a happy heart. Kate is SO sweet and so is her shop, sooo if you're even in Mississippi area, be sure to check this store of lovelyness out. <3
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