This is a movie by Advent Conspiracy. It's been around for maybe three years, but I watch it every year and still get super inspired and motivated to love more relationally. This is the first year in a while that I haven't gone Black Friday shopping. It's just that the deals are so good, but this year I already have most of my Christmas gifts planned out, of things I'm making!! I'm so excited.

Advent Conspiracy is a Christian organization/thing, but I believe that there is substance and truth in it for everyone. Consumerism does not equal happiness, memories, etc. So true. And what I love about this is not only how they are fighting the American tradition, but how they are also directing it towards a great cause that needs much love and attention: the lack of clean water in the world.

The fact that more people die everyday because they lack clean water makes me so frustrated. It's not like they're dealing with an evil dictator or a war, it's a lack of organization and resources. Something that we are able to fix easily (compared to some of the other problems in the world). We spend $450 billion on Christmas every year, and it only takes $10 billion to solve the water crisis. That blows my mind, and makes me frustrated. But, I also love that, because it puts the problem/goal in such realistic terms. We can solve the water crisis. It's possible! With more awareness and work and love, we can bring clean water to the whole world.

Advent Conspiracy works with Living Water International, an awesome organization that I've known about for awhile. Another great water organization is Charity Water, founded by Scott Harrison, who used to be making lots of big bucks and left it all to start this. Both are great places to donate to, to get things happening.

Promise Tangeman & her husband donated their birthdays to Charity Water and are aimed to raise $5000 by her birthday. They are awesome. It's things like this and Advent Conspiracy that give me hope and encourage me to remember the rest of the world and to be more selfless. And I say yes yes yes. Let's have a great Christmas to remember.