a december wedding: part 1

My friend just got married this past December! I posted their engagement pictures earlier. It was a really cool wedding - they had a chuppah, a little marriage canopy, which I have never actually seen at a wedding before. Hopefully I can post pictures later.

I went up the day before the wedding to help my friend who was doing flowers. She let me help her and she showed me the ropes to flower arranging and doing gigs with weddings. Along with the flowers, she made all the boutonnieres and corsages. This girl is a BIG DEAL.

We made 8 bouquets, including the toss & bride bouquets, with flowers from our local Safeway. I don't even remember the names of the flowers we used (I am really bad with flowers, I just know whats pretty...), but I did learn the name of all the little guys that we used to add character to the bouquets, like the wax flowers, beargrass and willow. Those little "accessories" totally define the bouquet, along with the color and it was cool to see it come along.

I made one of the bouquets all by myself, which was really exciting! It's really fun to put it together since it's tangible. The variety of colors mixed well and meant more because each bride had a different colored dress that fit in with the flower colors. It was also neat because only the bride had red in her bouquet, which turned out so beautiful. We incorporated burlap, which was also used in the boutonnieres & corsages, under the ribbon. It all added together to create a carefree, beautiful spirit to the bouquets!

I'll share the boutonnieres & corsages soon!
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