love letters

Love letters are sweet & romantic. It's fun to get something in the mail, especially these days, and then to open up the envelope to read someone's handwritten thoughts. So, I decided to give my mom a love letter. Actually, some love letters, to be correct. Wrapped up in Pride and Prejudice. Nothing more romantic than that, right?

Determined to make everyone's Christmas present, and to give them something they might actually want - not just something I can make, I settled on making something for my lovely mother that she could use to decorate the house. I found some cardboard letters at Jo-ann's that were on sale. I bought 'LOVE' and went home and decorated the letters with pages from Pride and Prejudice that I had soaked in tea. I used paper mache to paste them on, which was super fun. I hadn't used paper mache since middle school! The flour dried super white, like the pages were before I soaked them in tea, but I still liked it. My mom has them up on our piano right now and I 'LOVE' it!

This is a super easy gift to make for friends or yourself! The letters I bought were already constructed and everything and I pasted the pages uses paper mache, but any kind of paper could be used. Or even fabric! If you end up doing this sometime, or have already done something like this, let me know! I'd love to see it. :)

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