"photobooth" backdrop lovee

Inspired by Ashley Meaders and SMILEBOOTH, I aspired to create my own version of their heavenly goodness. Oh, and it was fun.

I used tinsel from the store that was already frayed. It was like 10" long, shiny & metallic. Everything I love, at least the shiny & metallic part. It was expensive, so I only bought a couple strips. Then, I bought some blue silk crepe paper, that wasn't silky at all, but very crepe-y, and frayed and cut it myself. I arranged it all over the back door with tape! It was fun.

I set up my camera on a tripod, and unfortunately my camera isn't compatible with any remote. :( But, my camera is able to take up to 10 pictures with the click of one button. I went with 7 pictures and marked where the tripod should stand with "x's" on the floor made out of masking tape, and wa-laah! My version of a photobooth!

It was super fun to have at the party, and the pictures are still fun to look at! I am trying to make an animated gif? Is that what they're called? An image that has multiple shots in it? I want to make a little video that goes through all of the pictures. We'll see!!! I don't think I have the software for it, but hopefully it's somewhere on campus.

Have you done anything like this? I'd love to see your take & thoughts on it! The thing I love about this idea, is that is will ALWAYS be fun. Pictures and people are always a golden combination, and you don't even need a "fancy" background to make it look good and be awesome!!

Have a lovely weekend, my lovelies. Thanks for sticking around!

Look at my cute friends! Oh, and the guys holding the water jugs down there -- we made different kinds of water! Like lemon water, lime water, blueberry water and cucumber water! Soooo interesting/cool.