the collection: princesses

Nothing says true love like Disney & princesses, right? Welll, maybe. Maybe not, but that doesn't mean that Disney & the Princesses aren't fun still! I remember when I was a kid, we had a pizza delivery to my grandma's house and the pizza delivery man gave me a plastic Belle that I could put my hand in, almost like a puppet, and it was like my favorite toy for a long while. So, now whenever I think of Belle I think of good happy times at my grandma's house.... and pizza. jk. kinda.

The only fake princess here is Wendy! But, I mean, really? I feel like she's the Princess of Neverland, BASICALLY. Peter Pan is in LOVE WITH HER FOREVER! He is the epitome of timeless love. Oh, dear Peter.

Oh, and I'm realizing that some of these pictures are from the "#2" of the series. I haven't ever seen those. I hope it doesn't take away from the magic of love!