the first ever of adorables

I always find these little WONDERFUL things that I want to share, but aren't big enough to devote a whole post to. I mean, I could. But I figure, I can just round up a bunch of my favorites and post them all together to make one big post of gooey goodness. I'm going to be trying this and if you guys like it, I'll keep doing it! A chance to share things that I adore in some way. "Adorables". Here's to gooey goodness!!

1. zooey d on craig ferguson. yes.
2. my roommate just ordered these boots from uo and i wish they were my size! $20!
3. my best friend gifted this to me and I LOVE IT. always makes my lips happy (even happier than burt can, i know - shocking!)
4. i want to host a party like this so bad
5. got the welcome wagon's vinyl in the mail today. wonderful married couple that produced this album with sufjan on his record label. :)
6. got this bag at nordstroms this past weekend and i Love it. capital L. (which can also stand for Longchamp)
7. i love renee's blog!! and you will too!
8. yes, this is true.