a pretty little treetop

Thanks to Elsie, I've encountered another wonderful source of inspiration: Kozue.

Elsie posted the custom stamp Kozue made for her and I was IN LOVE. Couple stamps? What a fantastic idea. Her & Jeremy look so iconic!

I went on to read Kozue's blog and this girl is intense, and I love it. Kozue makes her own stamp, her specialty being girls crying. Why? "I see beautiful thing in crying girls. They are weak. They are strong. They are beautiful." That drew me in and I am hooked. Not to mention that her style just makes my heart thump loud and clear.

Kozue is Japanese, so I kind of feel like we're already sisters even if we've never even spoken. She draws, designs, carves and stamps her own stamps. The process is so creative and involved, it inspires me! I want to start carving stamps, and while her stamps are flawless and make it look easy - I'm sure it's not. Hopefully someday I can try it out soon.

Here are some of my favorite crying girls from Kozue. And be sure to check out her blog and shop!

Isn't her style awesome?