adorables: young young blood

1. pinterest. i am addicted. if you don't have one you will love it. let's be friends!
2. julie digs design. julie has a good eye. srsly. be sure to check it out.
3. love this picture. love bubble tea. PTL for bubble tea.
4. going to be making some tissue paper flowers in the masses.
5. the naked & famous. stumbled upon them randomly on campus. i LOVE them. they're a mix between m83, passion pit and the xx. they make me happy to be young & in love. this one is my favorite.
6. this necklace is gorgeous. it's at f21 for $15. i can't decide if it's worth it, but i can't stop thinking about it.
7. found the font that freaking every one uses. and i love it! bebas neue. (it's actually the updated version of bebas, which everyone uses! AWESOME.)

Gahh, finished a paper tonight that I have been working on ALL weekend. Can't wait to get caught up in real life. Can't wait for everyone to add me on pinterest so I can follow all of your boards and explode with creativity! Please?