OH, my sunshine

A couple weekends ago, Luke & I were able to drive up to Portland and spend some quality time in the Pearl District. Absolutely beautiful! It was a little yuppie, but I LOVED IT. Seriously, I would not mind living there. It was gorgeous and sunny and everybody was playing in Jameson Square and walking there dog. We met up with my cousin and his fiance to help plan out their wedding! I'm so excited for it and to help it. Hopefully, if this goes well, I'll be able to do more weddings in the future. It's a big dream!!

We met up in Cloud Seven Cafe and the design made me feel comfortable instantly. And, it didn't hurt that they brewed Intelligentsia coffee! We got a latte and a bagel with egg and cheese. Yummy to the max. They had free wifi, a lot of tables, great huge windows and a great vibe. I loved it. Be sure to check it out if you are in the Portland area!

We also took a nice walk to Cupcake Jones. We took more pictures, but they didn't turn out. :( But, it was still delicious! I got a Downtown Cupcake Brown, complete chocolate goodness, and Luke got a Pearl, all vanilla. Perfect for each of us. They had filling inside and really thick frosting. The cake was homemade deliciousness, but still light, ya know? The perfect balance!!

We finished the day by going to the Ace Hotel and taking pictures in the photobooth. SO FUN. Mmm, I love the photobooth. And I found this little gem outside the photobooth. Wonderful, right? Love it. Ace Hotel is one of my favorite places in downtown Portland and has a great vibe. I can't wait to stay there someday!

So, there is a day in Portland. That was fun. I hope you enjoyed it! And if you are ever going to Portland be sure to check out these places, and e-mail me and I can make an even bigger list. Haha, cheers!