wedding weekend

This weekend was exhausting, yet totally refreshing at the same time! Do you get a lot of those, or is it just me? Drove up to Portland for my cousin's rehearsal dinner/WEDDING! Which was so fun. First in the family, so that made it even more special. :)

Met up with Lea from Pretty Prudent and her boyfriend, Robert. They are so cute! I was sad because my camera battery died that day, or else I would have taken some pics. It was sooo nice to meet up with another blogger, one with an especially cute blog!, and it got me all excited about blogging again.

And Luke came up and we went around Portland and ate at some fun places, like Pok Pok Noi & Produce Row. Fun weekend. But now it's back to reality! Oh, why?

Here are some fun pictures from the wedding. I am sorry that I am SO IN LOVE WITH INSTAGRAM. Also, because my big camera broke & my other camera died and I forgot the charger. Anyway....

I made some wooden signs, the chalkboard for the menu, Alice's hair thing and the string of flowers. It was the first wedding that I've been involved in, and now I can say that I have experience. Yesss.

Enjoy! <3