lovely lea: headband

Hello, adore more readers :D My name is Lea, and I blog over at Pretty Prudent whenever I get the chance. I was acquainted with Rachel back in high school and to be honest, she is part of the reason I decided to start blogging; I was a lurker for a long time and then finally, one day decided to take the plunge.

So you can imagine how flattered and excited I was when she asked me to help promote her new collection.

I'd like to say that for the whole day I wore this outfit and this lovely hairband, I picnicked and frolicked in fields, however that would be a big a fat lie. In actuality, I sat in front of my computer all day in indesign, working on my graphic design homework. But you have to admit, this outfit and the hairband definitely make it look like that's what I did all day. Which I think, is pretty dang awesome.

I paired the hairband with a fairly simple, mostly neutral outfit. I didn't want to overwhelm the craftsmanship and pretty texture of the hand made flowers with crazy colors or a crazy outfit.

Thank You, Rachel for having me on here and sending me such a lovely accessory. They'll be available for purchase in the next week. Go for it :D