an autumn party

One thing I've learned over the past while is that food is key to good parties. If you have sufficient amount of food and it's decently good, a more than great party is easy to have. For this birthday party, I decided to take advantage of the season and fall into autumn...! (too cheesy?)

I stuck with a classic theme of mustard yellow, burnt orange and the great outdoors! I decided to keep it simple and limited myself to filling our small little dining room table with desserts and fun. My roommate had some lovely cake plates that I used to vary the dessert heights and I filled in the extra space with tea lights in glasses. Such a simple idea with a great effect! My friend gathered some colorful leaves and we hung them beneath the chalkboard which looked really good. I stuck the cute paper flags in another glass and invited people to make their own flag! Finally, I scribbled the dessert names on cards and voila! A sufficient dessert table.

And that bunting banner was a cute little addition, too! I managed to whip it up 30 minutes before the party. Thank the Lord for sewing machines.

It was a really fun party! We celebrated three birthdays. They were turning 21, 22 & 23! There were a lot of friends and a lot of love. Nothing beats that.

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