super simple paper flag

Making paper drink flags is super simple and an easy way to spice up a party! Janelle & I made some for a birthday party recently. They are super easy and super fun to make. And it was so fun to personalize your flag with whatever you wanted to say, and made for easy drink markers. :)

All you will need for this project is paper, tacky glue & bamboo skewers.

1. Cut a long strip of paper. This will be the width of your flag.
2. Cut the long strip in half, or as desired. This will be the length of your flag.
3&4. Make the triangle cut out at the end.
5. Fold over a 1/2 cm at the opposite end.
6&7. Put some glue down on the inside.
8. Place bamboo skewer on the glue.
9. Fold paper over the bamboo and glue.
10. Press realllyyy hard to make sure that it doesn't come unglued.

And you're done! So easy. Right?

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