first restyle!

Alright, alright. So these pictures are a little ridiculous. I know, so you can laugh. Let me preface. I made this dress in a little more than an hour right before I went to a Halloween party (I was a black cat!). And for dinner, I had decided to bake a butternut squash, so it was baking in the oven and then started burning and the house filled with smoke. The entire house. It was freezing outside but I still had to open the windows to clear the smoke.

So, these 'before' pictures were taken in the midst of my smoke filled house while I was a mess. The graininess is from the smoke! Crazy. Anyways, I feel like I'm being super vulnerable with all of you by showing myself in such a pitiful, but fun, state. But I don't have any other pictures of the dress before, so you win.


I got this dress for like $4 or 8? I don't remember. But it was cheap. It was too big, but it had cute sequined shoulders and enough fabric to work with. I just sewed it in with two basic straight lines and hemmed the bottom. I made the v-back, where it was just a simple across hem line before. (Inspired by this!) And then I managed to shorten the neck area while keeping the sequined shoulders in tact and functional. While it is a little tight sometimes in the arm holes, it is manageable. I love it! And I'm proud of myself because I've always wanted to alter my clothes, and I was finally forced into it!

And now that I've started, I'm not going to stop. Look for more alterations in the future! :)

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