Fun week! Valentine's day and my hunny bunny came down. We had a fun dinner and then watched the longest movie on Earth: Titanic. But, it was sweet, right? Jack & Rose and a sinking ship. It was a fun middle of the week break.
I am excited to live??? Can't wait to graduate.
Just got back from Seattle this weekend. SO FUN. We hung around UW and the Ave -- my favoritest campus I've ever been to! We ate at Thai Tom, SO GOOD. But suuupper spicy, I think we got it at 'medium', so pad thai lovers beware. But, it was super fun to hang out with Luke's parents, eat good food and walk around.
Ohhh, and I rode the train from Eugene to Portland. I LOVE THE TRAIN! It's so comfortable and fun. There's wi-fi, big seats, a huuuuge window to watch the pretty scenery. One day, I promise I'm going to do a full tour of the US from a train! Woohoo.

Have a great week you guys! Thanks for sticking by me during hopefully my hardest term! I can't wait to make pretty things someday. :) xo,R.