I know I haven't been blogging lately, sorry, but I feel compelled to break that silence to tell you how much I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES. I've been talking/thinking so much Hunger Games that I haven't had time for anything else. Luke wanted to go see the movie last Saturday, but I couldn't see the movie without reading the book first! (Although, now I would recommend seeing the movie first...everything will just keep getting even better!) I ended up reading all three books in 2.5 days. OBSESSED. AND IN LOVE WITH PEETA. Ahh, I will never be able to get over Peeta.

Spent spring break in Portland with Luke and the family. It was sooo nice. Just to be back in a city and with the people I love dearest. It went by much too fast. But now, only TEN weeks until I am graduated! I can't waittttt.

So, besides Hunger Games and eating, I didn't do much.

Now, it's back to the books where I will be busting out my thesis. Goodbye, world.

Have a great week, ok? I'll be back soon with some pretty things! xo.