meet & greet: DEADWEIGHT

This past Christmas, I featured some handmade shops in  "Handmade Holiday". I thought it was really fun! I loved meeting other shop owners and getting a sneak peek into their creative process. Plus, looking at pretty things is always fun to do. So, look forward to seeing more creatives around here in MEET & GREET. Yay!

I found DEADWEIGHT back during Christmastime. I love the handmade feel and the bold colors -- makes me feel right at home. I got in touch with Sandi, the mastermind behind DEADWEIGHT, and she was kind enough to answer some fun questions.

What inspires you and your work?

The moon, sentimental objects, slightly askew text, good luck, bad luck, patterns, magic, tired eyes, music. I've been fortunate this year in always having something to work on to keep me moving forward. My desire to improve at what I'm doing is also a really big motivator. Being surrounded by inspiring people always helps too.

Circles or triangles?

Triangles. Always triangles.

What does your workspace look like?

My workspace is a bit of a dungeon (I work from my basement). Drawing and computer work go down at a desk in my bedroom and I do all my screen printing in my laundry room. What it lacks in natural light and general prettiness, it makes up for in comfort and convenience.

What is your favorite thing?

Making music with my bandmates (The Guest Bedroom), collaborating with talented pals (Falconwright), hanging out with A+ friends, chips (lots of chips).

Thanks, Sandi! And it looks like Sandi has a lot of exciting things in the future as she just became freelance full-time and is working a lot on Falconwright. I'll make sure we hear more from Sandi in the future. Best of luck!