oh, PAIRS: time

thank you momo for some things & kostya rynkov for baon

Um, who loves this? I LOVE THIS. Some things take time. Like love. Love is funny because it can take no time to fall in love, but it can take a while to build a strong, real, huge Love. Love love love.

My friends got married this past summer, and she walked down the aisle to her friends playing Hoppipolla (music video definitely worth watching!) by Sigur Ros. It was absolutely magical and lovely. Wish I had thought of that one on my own.

Love is fun, isn't it. Love is funny, isn't it.

I've decided to invest in flowers instead of an iPhone. So, instead of paying $30 for my iPhone, I will spend money on pretty flowers to fill my sight!!! It is a great step in my life for me!!

Til next time.....XO.
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