the collection: farmer's market fruit

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Hello! Have you missed me? I've missed you.

Um. I have 101 readers on bloglovin! I really hope I'm not jinxing it right now, and you guys all unfollow me overnight and I wake up to 0 followers. I mean, I would be okay with that -- but it's always fun to reach those big number milestones. You know.

But, ANYWAY -- been reading Chuck Klosterman a little bit at a time and I am in awe of his genius. Any other fans? Seriously. Genius. I am in LOVE with him. What would you guys think if I started inserting more pop culture critiques in here? You know, along with all this cutesy, girly stuff that I do. Love it or hate it? I guess we'll all find out.

But, ANYWAY again. I think I am in love with hopeless romantics because I am a die-hard realist with little sympathy, an incredibly irrational fear of authority and disaster and yet a strange sense of optimism. Does that even make sense? I have little sympathy sometimes. That explains why I am in love with Luke Larsen, first. Then, J.D. Salinger and Chuck. And then some other names that I do not feel comfortable mentioning here. (But let me add Chuck Bass and Seth Cohen before we move on.)

I am all about someone else over-analyzing every little detail and romanticizing general life. It adds meaning and is very entertaining. (I'm reading KILLING YOURSELF TO LIFE if you are interested in where this dramatic burst is coming from.)

But, this is what I really wanted to talk about today: FRUIT AT THE FARMER's MARKET. Relatively overpriced fruit in cute paper green baskets that is always worth it. But, it's ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS. And in that way it's like true love. It's always the best in the right season, and you don't want to spend your time trying to enjoy the chemically laced affordable stuff. Go big or go home. Fall in love. Taste pure joy. Now, don't miss out on your chance at true love before all the farmers go home. Love you.