the collection: in the water

thank you clemens fantur,  dasha m, thomas van der zaag.

To me, this collection is perfection. Warm summer days spent in the water. WONDERFUL. Also because I think all the pictures look pretty together.

I'm listening to Carly Rae Jepsen's new album today and it's so catchy. Please check out this

wonderful guide on how to appreciate Call Me Maybe

. Genius. If the Verge had more articles like this, I would definitely be reading it a lot more.

I'm absolutely taken with her album, her sweeter than candy voice and her adorable lyrics. She's 27, you know, and older than Lady Gaga. But, her music makes me want to dance more than the Lady's. Make sure to Spotify it!

This week was supposed to be brilliantly beautiful, but all day has been gloomy and reminiscent of the cold weather that's coming. And just when I was ready to keep up the summer wardrobe.


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