the collection: matches

thank you 27 paper boats, alder & co. (such a cute shop!!), matteo ferrari, studio smith, restoration hardware, danske, camille laurelli and [artuu].

Matches are so romantic. I was using those plastic lighters, but I have switched over to the classic match and I feel like I appreciate all the little classic things more now! One of the hardest things about living at home is my parents don't let me burn candles because they're afraid that I will burn the house down, so I have to burn them when they're gone. ;) Total JK. So, that tells you that living at home has been pretty good to me -- but I can't wait to move out and burn candles all day everyday! Did you guys have fun for Halloween? I dressed up as a Gangnam style girl and Luke was the main guy. Ha ha. Fun. Hope today finds you well!!! <3 xo.