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hi guys! we are so lucky this week to have hsinping pan on the blog with us. hsinping pan is an animator and illustrator from taiwain who now resides in california. i was drawn to the cheerfulness that comes with all of hsingping's work, it just makes me so happy and makes me feel young at heart still. see for yourself by looking at her work below!



how did you get started in illustration and animation?
i studied animation at university of southern california. the school really encourages students to develop our own style and story. i have always love children's book, so i tried to develop that illustration style in my short films. after graduation, i started to look for works from both fields.

what was your first commercial job?
my first commercial job was an illustration for a children's magazine. i posted my work on a portfolio site in taiwan and then an editor contacted me for the job. it is about a sad little girl struggling to find happiness. 


what is your favorite medium to work with?
pencil, computer and acrylics.

what are your main influences and inspiration?
i love collecting children's books , it is the main influence of my work. i am also inspired by colors, books, movies, traveling and things in daily life.


what does your brainstorming process for a project look like? 
sometimes i get image right away in my head, i will draw it out and then do more research to add more details. sometimes nothing comes out, then I will do the research first and doodle something randomly. research is always very helpful.

what is your favorite project that you've done this past year?
i made a book a called "Word Creatures". it teaches kids the beauty of chinese ancient letters and the environment. the book also comes with an animation DVD. so I got to do both animation and illustration. it was really fun! also, i designed my own wedding card this year, it is one of my favorite projects too!


be sure to follow more of hsinping's work here:

thank you for your time, hsinping!

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