meet: mateja kovac of etui

today we are talking to Mateja Kovac, the genius behind Etui - a lovely illustration company. Mateja says that Etui is about having the happy thought wherever you go, and that's definitely how all of her works makes me feel: very happy. you can see for yourself below!


how did you get started in illustration?
it all started at the end of my study at the art academy when i made a computer sketch of something. this sketch would later on be produced using some of the classical techniques, which would help me shorten the whole process. in time i started to discover all the advantages of digital tools and gradually sketching turned into digital painting which took me in the direction i wanted. i found it to be the perfect art form for me to express my sensibility. unlike the most illustrators, my beginning in illustration was independent from any publishing or graphic design. i’ve been developing my illustrations in my specific style and as independent art products from the start.


what is your favorite item in your etsy shop right now?
my favorite items are 'Flamingo Girl' and 'Silent Journey'.

what is your favorite medium to work with?
my work is done exclusively in photoshop. with years of experience i have developed the skill to realistically mimic classical painting techniques. i take that to be the greatest advantage to me as an illustrator. digital media is a very rewarding process because it gives you much more control over your work. it is simple to correct and it has the possibility of stylizations which is impossible to get in the traditional media. on the other hand it gives me the possibility to quickly experiment things and lets me feel much more relaxed if i make a mistake because the material has no limits. 


i love your illustration 'Eternal Beauty' (pictured above)! what inspired it?
i made it in autumn 2013, i think. it was about four clock in the morning and i couldn't sleep. i was in a state between sleep and wakefulness and was really inspired. you can really feel this subtle energy on that girl. i will always remember that moment.

what is your favorite project that you've worked on this year?
my favorite project that i've worked on this year was the fashion themed 'thank you' card design for american company, Papyrus. it was really fun!


what advice would you give other aspiring illustrators?
i would advise them to not underestimate their work, to choose their clients carefully and that constant progress - education and different approaches - is very important

check out more of Mateja's work by visiting the following:


thank you so much for sharing and making time for us, Mateja! can't wait to see what's next in store for you. :)

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