meet: bre of scout & catalogue

this week you will be sooo inspired by bre of scout & catalogue. scout & catalogue is a brand of hand dyed and crafted bags influenced by bohemian culture of mexico. take a peek at what scout & catalogue makes and get motivated by bre's gems of wisdoms that she shares below.

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what is your background?
i did a degree in communication design and worked for years as a creative director in the fashion industry. 

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how did scout & catalogue get started?
scout & catalogue started as a personal project - i moved to mexico for a couple of years and started s&c as a blog for friends and family to catch up on my travels. i was 'scouting' a new culture and 'cataloguing' it on the blog. while i was down there i started experimenting with dyeing fabrics and shared that on the blog as well - from there scout & catalogue the brand was born.

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your blog is wonderful, i love what you share. how has your blog helped your brand grow?
my blog was the birthplace of the brand and has been an integral part of my company ever since. i love how it allows me to connect and share with my customers. as other social media platforms have grown in relevance over the years my blog has taken a bit of a beating but, for me, it is still my favorite platform and one that i try to keep up with at least several times a week.

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what has been the best thing you've done to grow your brand?
i think sharing my journey has been the best growth tool. most of what we share on social media is about the perfect end product but there are a lot of sweat and tears that go into the running of a small craft business (or any business, really). bringing my customers into the process has brought me and, continues to bring me, a loyal and wide reaching customer base. 

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what are you most looking forward to this year and into next?
i just made the exciting decision to partner with a small factory in portland that is as dedicated to visible manufacturing and sustainable business practices as i am. as my brand grows it is amazing to be able to bring on a creative and dedicated team to help with this project that started six years ago with just me in a small casita on the edge of the pacific ocean.


what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started? 
treat it like a real business from the start. write a business plan, get all of your production and sourcing channels figured out, price your goods for what they are worth, hire experts in the areas of business you are weakest in. if you take your craft seriously, others will too.

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bre is kindly offering everglow handmade readers a 15% coupon for just today (nov. 10th) to her online shop with the code 'SCeverglow15'. grab some goodies for yourself and your friends!

thanks so much for sharing, bre! i'm excited to continue to watch scout & catalogue grow. be sure to keep up with bre at her wonderful blog, instagram and website

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